The Rural Style Project

The Rural Style Project came about after my husband and I purchased a home in 2014 in Wallendbeen, on the Central West/Riverina border of NSW.

Weekends and holidays are spent in a part of the world that we have come to love. Country life has welcomed us with its warm people, fresh air, peace and quiet & room to move have seen us spend more and more time in our patch of paradise.

Since 2014 the weekends in our country home have become long weekends and I’ve started working with clients in the surrounding areas. A one hour drive at 100km an hour to visit a client is nothing and I love exploring new areas with each new client I visit.  We also offer Skype/FaceTime consultations which means that we can connect with our clients from wherever they are.

The Rural Style Project is an extension of my Sydney business, utilising the 300 suppliers I have cultivated relationships with since I began working as and Interior Designer in 2001 these are just the starting point when looking for furniture, lighting, soft furnishings, accessories, wallpaper and so much more.

Your home should be your sanctuary – inviting and reflective of your personality, yet practical and functional. At The Rural Style Project we understand your needs in creating a living space to suit your personality and lifestyle and creating an environment you can’t wait to come home to.

We like to learn how you live and what it is you want from your home. Do you live quietly or entertain often? What colours make you happy? Do you eat at the dining table or in front of the television? These questions will help us understand exactly how you live and assists us to design with you in mind.

Interior Design should be sympathetic to the home’s history and work cohesively with the home’s roots. No hiding the history of your home, we help you to let it shine by marrying the old with the new in perfect harmony. We understand the importance of colour, texture & layering and bringing them all together.

A designer’s eye and a client’s vision combine for the perfect Interior Design pairing.

This is a personal relationship & we want to make it as effortless for you as possible. After all, we want you to be as excited about Interior Design as we are.

Designing spaces to inspire emotion & create memories


The Rural Style Project