Style Overhaul

Spend time with our Interior Designer asking all of the questions you have ever wanted to know. Be guided by a Design Professional and avoid making costly mistakes when creating your ideal home.

From where to shop, to how to hang art work, we can guide you. Wanting to know where to position your furniture and what are the correct colours for your walls and décor, are just a few of the questions we’ll be able to answer for you.

Is it best to spend your money on an “investment piece” or can you purchase an item you’ve found on sale and still create the same look and feel you’re after? The Style Project can help with decisions like this as we walk through your home with you.

For those unsure as to where to start, we come to you with colour options and images designed to open up dialogue to determine what it is you’re aiming to achieve. For some it’s gaining an understanding of what bests suits each room in your home. Alternatively it could be that you have an idea in your mind but are unsure as to how to create this.

Style Overhaul

From your letterbox to the back fence and everything in between, let us guide you on the journey of how to create the home of your dreams. The Style Project is able to answer all of your questions and you are then equipped with the information to either go ahead and do the work yourself or we can assist in any aspect of the project that you require.

We offer Express, Premium & Deluxe Consultations for our Style Overhaul Service:

  • Express Style Overhaul for a small space is a one hour consultation.
  • Premium Style Overhaul for a two bedroom home is a two hour consultation.
  • Deluxe Style Overhaul for a 3+ bedroom home both internal and external is a three hour consultation.