Colour Consultation

Paint is a simple way of transforming a room from bland to fabulous and add character and curb appeal to your home. The Style Project can help you navigate the expanding range of colour trends and take the confusion out of selecting from all the modern and classic colour and paint options available with our Colour Consultation service.

The Style Project can design a colour scheme tailored to your space. A feature wall, a room, or your entire home or office can be brought to life with colour. Colour can also determine where one space ends and another begins, adding definition to a room or space. Colour can enable a space to appear either larger or smaller.

The effect that colour has on us is also something we consider when deciding what colours to add to a room. Red easily stimulates energy and promotes liveliness, which is why you see red in a lot of restaurant dining rooms. Blue is soothing and provides calmness and is conducive in aiding a good night's sleep. Green evokes tranquillity and composure, while pink is often associated with romance and happiness.

The Style Project can come to your home or office for a Colour Consultation to discuss your needs, likes & dislikes. Following your Colour Consultation, you will be sent A4 colour samples that you can put up on your wall for a day or two and see how different lighting works with the colours, giving you the confidence that you have selected the correct colours. You can then do the painting yourself or utilise the services of our Dulux accredited painters to complete your project.

The Style Project would be delighted to provide you with a Colour Consultation and give you the confidence that the colours selected will work perfectly in your home or office.


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