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Real homes & how people live – Sonya & Adam

Real homes & how people live
Sonya & Adam

This is our first Real Homes blog and I’m thrilled with
the response I had to last week’s blog asking for readers
to share their stories with me.

Sonya & Adam, their gorgeous 2 year old daughter Willow &
as seen in the photograph below, their apricot standard poodle Harvey,
live in Adelaide in a home lovingly renovated & decorated by the owners.

Formal Lounge Dubrich (2)

This formal living room in Sonya & Adam’s home was inspired by
Australian Photographer, Peter Lik’s Artwork of Central Park &
the room has been designed around this image.

They purchased the complete artwork on a holiday in Hawaii
where they were recommended to have track lighting installed.
The track lighting when dimmed mirrors the lighting in the artwork.

The sofa is from King Furniture
Coffee Tables from White Home
Rug from Bayliss Rugs
Lamp from Freedom Furniture
Cushions from Etsy
Wall paint is Dulux Domino
The armchairs are over 30 years old and were Sonya’s
mothers which she had reupholstered.
These Parker chairs still bear the teeth marks from
Sonya’s 2 year old sister at the time, now almost 50 years on!

There’s something wonderful about a room when you bring some of your
own history in and in this case it’s the arm chairs.

Sonya and Adam’s colour choice of Dulux Domino, is one shade shy of black
and while many may be intimidated by such a dark colour,
they were able to see the benefit of wrapping their room
in a strong colour and as you can see, their choice paid off.

The room has a very modern feel to it, yet it’s welcoming and
has a real warmth to it.

Flowers feature regularly in the room, especially when visitors are due.

After researching this blog I went over to facebook
and have liked Peter Lik’s page.
His work is exceptional and well worth a look.

Thank you so much to Sonya, Adam, Willow and our stunning model Harvey.
I hope that Sonya & Adam have inspired you to have your home featured on
The Style Project’s blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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  1. I like the idea of seeing real homes. Thanks TSP, looking forward to seeing more. Wendy

  2. Looks good, maybe we can do a before and after once you finish our project..

  3. I have a chair that belonged to my husband’s grandmother that we’ve never been sure of what to do with. Have spent the afternoon on Pinterest getting ideas and have decided to reupholster. Like the idea of looking into people’s homes. Thanks Jo

  4. Getting some images together for you. Just need to finish off the house. if only it would stop raining!

  5. We used a dark colour in our bedroom and love the cosy feeling it created.

  6. Kimmie, I don’t have any room pics but will post photos of some pieces that I think are cool. Some of Nan’s stuff…oooh and a few things your Dad made.