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Homes around the world

Happy Monday!

Here are some of the homes I visit when my mind wanders!

Let’s start with the largest of my (imaginary) homes.

I’ve flown out of Sydney directly to LA.
I am driven to my Beverly Hills home which is obviously the home that I purchased when recently winning lotto and bearing in mind the huge number of visitors I would be receiving!

This is far more my style – San Francisco.
Beautifully restored and character filled and so close to the city.

Then over to the east coast to my Connecticut home to be close to
Martha Stewart who I adore.
Martha and I swap recipes and discuss some recent d.i.y projects
before I’m back on the plane and across the pond.

London’s not really for me so it’s down to Brighton to be beside
the seaside.

A quick stop over in Paris for some macaroons before
heading back home to Sydney.

Home sweet home.
Would I trade any of those homes for this one – never, not after
all of the love and attention we have given this home!

Yours in Style – Kim




Floral Interior Design

I thought I would start the week off with some Floral Interior Design images

This rose blossom lighting design would light up any room

Pink flowers anyone?

Black and white sunflower lace bedhead

Pink floral wing chair

Floral bathroom mosaics

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim


Repurposed Furniture

Something close to my heart is repurposed furniture

I love finding items that someone no longer loves and giving it new life

Here is some furniture that new life has been given to

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

This suitcase chair is both innovative and stunning
I’m not sure if this would be the most comfortable seat but it’s definitely stylish

Salvaged materials used as a lighting track will make everyone look up!

Not sure what to do with old cardboard?
Turn it into a coffee table

What was once a traditional chest of drawers
is now a modern metallic piece of furniture

A dining table cut in half makes the perfect hall table
Image courtesy of

I’ve save the best for last!
I just love this bathtub sofa
It’s innovative, a brilliant use of something many would just throw away &
it’s oh so stylish

Yours in Style – Kim


Modern floral with Guest Blogger Tracey Adams Stanley

Grouping flowers is a modern and stylish design technique anyone can use.
By grouping flowers of like colour or form you can create greater impact with flowers at home, for events and functions as well as in the professional environment.


Flowers can be grouped by colour in either monochrome or tonal shades.
All white is a timeless classic look, while tonal jewel colours create a more dramatic effect.
All yellows and/or oranges give a warm, happy mood.

Flowers can also be grouped by form.
For example, round textured flowers such as Sim carnations and hydrangeas, long forms like gladioli and delphinium, and conical forms such as calla.


Grouping the containers in which you display flowers also creates a great impact.
A group of sparkling glass vases brimming with flowers makes a stunning feature and is so stylish compared to individual vases scattered around a room.

This works especially well if the containers you have at hand are small.


Similarly, containers of one colour can make feature when grouped.
All white, black or any colour containers filled with flowers create a strong statement.
The containers may be different shapes but are linked by the colour.


However you display your flowers always remember the following tips to prolong their life.  Trim stems on an angle and change the water every second day or so.

Trim another centimetre off when you change the water.
Remember to keep your vase clean too!

Ducted heating and air-conditioning may shorten the life of your flowers, as will having them directly near a fan.
In the hotter weather tropical flowers, such as Singapore orchids are a good choice.


Thank you so much to Tracey Adams Stanley
for taking the time to write a blog for The Style Project.

Tracey took up floristry for a more creative, less stressful career.
One that she would be happy to go to, use her creativity and with these portable skills, allow her to work anywhere.

Tracey studied Floristry at Box Hill TAFE in Melbourne, where she was the 2011 winner of the Interflora TAFE competition and where she has taught a short course in floristry.

Tracey works at Scintilla Flowers in Canterbury Road, Canterbury, Melbourne where she thoroughly enjoys her work with a wonderful employer & divine customers.

Yours in Style – Kim


Australian International Furniture Fair

I spent a fabulous day at the Australian International Furniture Fair
on Friday 4 February 2012

Designer, Rebecca Asquith from New Zealand and I are standing with three of her
stunning felt Nectar lampshades.
The large oval orange was my favourite and it emits a beautiful glow.

 Designer Boys, Gavin Atkins & Warren Sonin, who you might remember from the t.v. show The Block, have some fabulous artwork.  This contemporary artwork with meticulously handcrafted pieces by their global team of craftspeople.

Both Gavin and Waz were very popular with everyone wanting to talk to them. They were gracious and generous to everyone with their time, and both were encouraging when I told them of my upcoming eDesign which is an online Interior Design service that The Style Project will be launching within the next month.


Horgans had a stunning stand and my two favourites things there were the linen bedheads and chandelier in a birdcage (two of my favourite things combined into one!).

 Armadillo rugs are customised to your colour, pattern & size requirement
All Designer Collection rugs are handmade from 100% New Zealand
wool flat weaves.


I just love this 3.5 seater full leather sofa that I found and after a long day walking from stand to stand it was a welcome relief to sit down for a while.

Yours in Style – Kim


Vivian Maier Photographs

I have always preferred black and white photography and Vivian Maier’s work is a stunning example

Vivian Maier was an American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction who lived between Europe and the United States before returning to New York City in 1951.

The Style Project

Vivian Maier self portrait

The Style Project

Hand holding

The Style Project

Man on chair

The Style Project

Woman on stephs of New York City Library

The Style Project

Woman on telephone

The Style Project

Man in park


Yours in Style – Kim


Let’s get organised in 2012

One New Year’s resolution that will make you look & feel fabulous is to organise your wardrobe

Out with the old and then off shopping to bring in the new!

If you have the space, this is an excellent way to store handbags

The Style Project

Matching hangers immediately give a sense of order

The Style Project

Shoes anyone?

If you have a thing for shoes, a wire rack system like this allows you to see them all at once

The Style Project

Narrow shelving & drawers & small cubby holes gives you a well organised space for all of your folded items

The Style Project

This custom built belt, sock & tie organiser can also be achieved by adding small containers or separators to drawers

The Style Project

We may not all be able to afford Mariah Carey’s wardrobe, but you can dream!

If you are looking for a new wardrobe or systems to organise your existing wardrobe, I have always found the services of Impressive Wardrobes to be friendly, efficient & cost effective

Yours in Style – Kim


Guthrie House

Recently my husband’s firm, Deloitte,had “Impact Day” where employees of the firm are invited to offer their services for the day as a volunteer.

Stephen, along with 23 other people from Deloitte went to Guthrie House to paint and garden for the day.

Guthrie House is a community based drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation and transition service for women involved in the criminal justice system.

The Style Project offered a colour and space planning consultation and I arranged for Dulux to donate 20 litres of paint and Selleys donated painting equipment including drop sheets, rollers, trays, roller extension poles & brushes.

Thank you so much to Dulux & Selleys for their generosity and thank you to Deloitte for being such a generous employer to give their staff the time off work to give back to the community.

The Style Project

Laura Sutton & Beatrice Sciosci from Deloitte

The Style Project

Molly Wen, Keren Green & Bernard Quain from Deloitte

The Style Project

Kanak Pillai & Stephen Thurn from Deloitte

The Style Project

Lesley-Anne from Guthrie House & Deloitte Staff, Rahul Goyal, Philippa Wright, Frank Sharp, Sue Billen & Calvin Yeoh

Yours in Style – Kim


Gardening Competition

I am thrilled to announce that for the third year running my garden has placed in our local Spring Gardening Competition

We placed second this year, with our two previous placings being a 1st & 3rd

I love my garden and hope you do too

The Style Project

Lavender fills the garden with a beautiful fragrance and sitting in the afternoon sun is bliss

The Style Project

The lemon banksia roses are in full bloom here and for the month that they are out the garden is filled with colour

The Style Project

Yours in Style – Kim

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