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Black Design

Black Design

Have you noticed that black is to 2013 what orange was to 1971?

Be bold, take a leap of faith and add some black to your next design project.

To compliment black walls, paint all window & door frames white for the perfect balance.

Black wallpaper will really make a room pop as long as the other colours in the wallpaper are a stand out, such as the Nina Campbell black wallpaper shown below.

Add some sparkle with chrome, mirrors & lighting.  This will add life to your room & while it will never be a light & bright room, it will definitely be sexy & gorgeous!

Nina Campbell 10


black collage


Yours in Style – Kim x

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Before & After Family Room

Family Room

 As the years go by and a family grows and expands, their needs change.

This family room evolved over 8 years, from a family of four including two young children with lots of drawing, games & the need for everything to be in one room.

Fast forward 8 years and those children are now teenagers and the family’s needs are now for a room to watch tv in and enjoy casual meals.

While a lot of storage had to be removed from the room, it now has ample seating for the family of four, is streamlined & modern, yet comfortable & very open.

Storage was addressed by moving some of the items into the teenagers rooms & adding more storage into the dining room (more on that in a later blog).


Cabinet and bookcases new

finished room

PicCollage after images

If you’re unsure how to transform a room to incorporate your needs, start with a list.

1.  What purpose do you want the room to have?

2.  What do you want to keep in the room & what can you move elsewhere?

3.  What new items do you need to purchase?

4.  If you remove items, where are you going to store them?

5.  Does the new room design suit all of your needs?

6.  Set yourself a budget and stick to it

7.  Set yourself a start & end date for the project (otherwise it may never start or end!)

If you need any advice on your project, feel free to drop me an email & I’ll be only too happy to point you in the right direction.

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Black & White Stripes

Black & White Stripes

Add some drama to any room with black & white stripes.  They are timeless, classic & scream Style!
If you’re not overly fond of a lot of colour but are looking for a way to add impact, then why not consider stripes.
Some of these images are custom while others are homewares store purchases for quick & simple decorating.
I love Ikea  for it’s proximity to my house (5 minutes!) & ever evolving stock.  They’re a brilliant source for instant & affordable updates.
Alternatively, you can have a custom piece of furniture made ensuring your requirements are met exactly.

Whichever way you choose to go be sure to mix and match high & low end products giving you a room that looks collected, as opposed to designed & impersonal.

striped drapes

 Instant drama!

striped sofa

 I love this sofa, particularly the gold legs & the siamese cats are the icing on the cake!

striped ottoman

 Neutrals while calming can also been a little bland at times.  By adding the striped ottoman to this room, it adds some punch to a neutral palette.

striped chair

 Simple, yet elegant

striped cushions

 These cushions add instant style to this sofa & tie in perfectly with the rest of the decor

striped bed

 Bedding is such a simple way of changing the look & feel of a bedroom

striped blind

 These roman blinds draw the eye up & really finish off this space

striped shower curtain

 While glass shower screens are far more popular than shower curtains, if you have a shower curtain this bold stripe is a stylish addition to any bathroom.

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Who doesn’t love – love?
14th February is dedicated to all thing romantic, so show some love today!
This Valentines Day blog was inspired by images on my Pinterest page “PINK PERFECTION”.
While red is a popular colour for Valentines Day I’m more drawn to pink.

Wishing you love and happiness on this VALENTINES DAY.

V Day - pink bedroom

Imagine waking up in a bed this beautiful

V Day - pink smeg fridge

No one will call your kitchen boring with a pink SMEG refrigerator?

V Day - pink bookcase

 Dress up a bookcase by painting or adding wallpaper to the back & shelves combined or individually

V Day - pink chandelier and chair in shoe closet

 Pastel pink in the chandelier & chair add to the glamour in this dressing room & the little dog reminds me of my little Izzey x

V Day - pink ottoman

How inviting is this ottoman?  Doubt I’d ever get up!

pink door

Add the WOW factor by painting a door & ensuring an entrance people will remember

pink deer head

Once you tire of the faux deer’s head you thought you would love forever – give it a new lease on life with a can of spray paint

pink and a little zebra

The perfect combination of my favourites – animal print & pink

I love the romance of this movie VALENTINES DAY“, it’s a great way to add a smile to your face on this loved up day of the year!

Yours in Style – Kim X


Things I Love

Things I Love

 This blog is dedicated purely and simply to things that I love.  I’m talking about things not people, needless to say I love my family and friends and give thanks every day for having such amazing people in my life.
I was on a train recently and a grandfather was with his two small grandchildren and they were going out for the day.  We talked for around 10 minutes and the interaction with a 2, 4 & 80 year old made my day!  People are the most imporant, and things are the icing on the cake.
Here are some of my favourite things and I’d love for you to add a comment and tell me about yours.

books collage

I have worn Chanel No. 5 for the past 30 years.  I sometimes stray from it but always go back to the stunning fragrance and beautiful bottles.

I bought my Michael Kors watch just over a year ago and wear it every day.  It brings a smile to my face.

 I love to visit is Melbourne which was my home until I moved to Sydney 20 years ago.  I go back at least twice a year to visit family and old friends.
The food and shopping are second to none and it’s only an hour by plane.

tv collage

I have been crazy about Zara ever since I walked into one of their stores in Hong Kong. They opened up in Sydney over a year ago and my wardrobe is now filled with lots of wonderful outfits from them. $45 for jeans that fit amazingly well is my idea of a bargain!
Now all we need is Zara Home to complete the picture.

Pilates has been my passion for coming up to 10 years and Elixr have the most fabulous instructors in Sydney.

 One of my 2012 New Years Resolutions was to go back to classical ballet.
I’m pleased to say that over a year later that you’ll find me at the Sydney Dance Company most Sunday mornings.

I would love to hear back from you to know what you love

Yours in Style – Kim

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Queenslander Homes

Queenslander Homes

While on a recent family holiday to Hervey Bay, Queensland, we drove to Maryborough specifically to look at the stunning Queenslander architecture and were not disappointed.

These homes are raised from the ground to allow the breeze to blow through and cool the house down on hot summers days.  The height also protects the home should there be a flood.  The wrap around verandahs provide protection from the sun and allow for outdoor entertaining.
All of the windows open right out allowing the breeze to blow through house.

Who needs air conditioning when you have a cleverly designed home?

I have longed for one of these homes ever since seeing one, but doubt if they would fit on my small inner city block of land!

Here are a few examples of this style of architecture.

with turret

Who wouldn’t want this stunning home with wrap around verandah and your very own turret?

grey with palm trees

The palm trees add to overall appeal of this home

wide shot with white door

Love, love, love the entrance to the verandah before the front door

Yours in Style – Kim

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Metallics Concept

Metallics Concept

I’m having a relaxing break in Queensland and between dips in the pool and sight seeing,
I’m spending time blogging and pinteresting.
I put this metallics concept board together this afternoon.

There’s something very luxe about adding metallics to any room.

If you’re not ready for a giant leap, why not start with a cushion, lamp or mirror.


Yours in Style – Kim

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New Year’s Home Organising

New Year’s Home Organising


Organised wardrobe

 I’m a huge fan of starting off the New Year with a clean house.
My Spring Cleaning is always done in the late December/early January break.

If you do this each year (not necessarily when I do, just pick a time) then your home will always be organised, deep cleaned and you’ll know where everything is.

This is a great time to donate to a charity of your choice and it’s good knowing that things you have no need for will go to a worthy home.

If you spent a crazy amount of money on something, or it was a gift that you really no longer need, then I find Gumtree to be an excellent way to sell unwanted goods and with the money you make you can save for another item (hopefully it won’t be sold the next year!).

This is also an excellent start to staging your home if you’re getting ready to sell.

My Top 10 Tips

1.  Break it down.
So many people are daunted by large tasks and so they never start.
If you look at small sections of a room or just a cupboard then make a start there.
You’ll be so impressed with one cupboard that you’ll  move onto the next and then the next.

2.  Clear the room to start with a blank canvas, then clean and you’re ready to start sorting items into the following groups:
Keep –  put them straight into their new home
Throw Away – contact your local council to arrange a collection
Give to Charity – some charities will collect from your home
Sell – Gumtree is free & a great way to sell items

Organised labelled boxes

3.  Keep your cleaning products in a plastic caddy in the cupboard and that way they’re ready to take from room to room.

Organised cleaning caddy

4. Put everything back where you got it from.
Everything has a home and if it goes back there you’ll know where to find it next time.
This will save you hours of searching.

5.  Do you really need all of those plastic containers?  They take up so much room in your cupboards.
Take away containers are always coming into the house so only keep what you need.

6.  Use Martha Stewart’s “Six Things to Do Every Day” to keep on top of everything.

7. Keep your sheets in sets in a cupboard or drawer near the bedrooms, so much easier when making up the bed.

Organised sheet sets

8.  Go digital – photograph or scan documents to your ipad and store there (be sure to back up).

9.  Use the “one in, two out” rule
The rule is that whenever you bring in an item, you have to remove two others from the house.
(my husband’s favourite – his attempt to stop me from bringing home furniture – not always successful!).
This one definitely makes you think before bringing something home.

10.  For over 100 different organisational tips have a look at our Pinterest page

Organised laundry door for four pic

Yours in Style – Kim

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Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

How many people have I heard say “I can’t believe where this year has gone”!

Only 3 more sleeps and the man in the red suit will be paying us a visit.

For me, Christmas Eve is spent going to a nearby neighbourhood looking at homes decorated from top to bottom with Christmas lights, then home to wait for the sound of reindeer on the roof.  Christmas Day in Sydney is generally a warm to hot day and so our main meal is a mixture of  traditional and salads.  My husband glazes and bakes the ham, we have chicken, and then one of this years salads will be sweet potato, fetta, pine nuts and a balsamic dressing (yum!).  Much later we will have plum pudding and custard (not that we need it).

Gift opening is a sea of paper flying everywhere and as this years theme is gold gift boxes, gifts will be opened in record time as it’s much quicker opening a box than ripping off gift wrapping.  I always get such a buzz out of seeing someone’s face filled with a huge smile when they receive exactly what they wanted.  Each year my family buys a gift through one of the aid organisations and this years gift is a rescue pack of a makeshift shelter and items that a displaced family will need.  It’s very humbling thinking how this will change someones life from homelessness to having a shelter of their own.

As this is my last blog for 2012, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, safe travels on your holiday and a fabulous year in 2013.

 Here are some images that mean Christmas to me.

Christmas 400

Christmas favourites – stylish gifts, the beach, Chanel & Reindeers!

A welcoming Christmas entrance


Who says a Christmas tree has to be green?

Monkey decorations

Pretty in Pink

champagne with frame


To hear Michael Buble sing  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, click on his name here

The Style Project wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year and I’ll be back in 2013 with more blogs.

Yours in Christmas Style – Kim

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Table Toppers

Planning the menu is only the beginning when hosting a dinner party.

A beautifully set table not only sets the mood for the event you will be hosting,
it also shows your guests that you took the time to make their evening to the next level.

The ideas are endless as you can see from some of these images.

How will you dress your table for your next party?

1.  A pretty pink tulle table cloth sets the tone

2.  Blue & white striped table and chairs

3.  White and gold uniformity in the outdoors

4.  Black shimmer

5.  Chevron and Greek Key patterns work brilliantly together

6.  The motto for any successful dinner party!

All images are from Pinterest
Table Toppers @


Yours in Style – Kim

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