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The Style Project Blog tribute to Elsa Knox

I’m writing this blog on a very chilly Thursday morning with the day starting off at zero and only rising to 11.  The sun looks amazing but there’s little warmth in it and it’s another day of layer upon layer of clothing to keep me warm.  The fire is roaring & the red and yellow box burn brightly and ferociously as I never give the fire a chance to burn down before adding another log.

It’s been months since I last blogged as I just haven’t had the spirit to sit down and dedicate the time needed to blogging.  My mother, Elsa Knox passed away in early April and it completely shook me to my core.  She lived to be 86 and it was while writing the eulogy for her Celebration of Life service that I realised just how many amazing things she had done in her life.  Her working life started out as a hairdresser and among many of the jobs she went on to have were a florist, ceramics teacher, bus company co-owner & in her latter years she volunteered in a hospital.  Without a doubt my strength of will & determination come from her and I miss her terribly.

Our next blog will be all about rugs and the correct sizes you need for each space, in the meantime here’s my favourite photograph of my parents on their wedding day in 1954.

The Style Project Blog dedication to Elsa Knox

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