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Each morning my in box is filled with new ideas/products/projects and of course loads of spam.
Once I’ve sorted the good from the bad I flag the ones I want to read later and am often rewarded with hours of reading that lead me down a rabbit hole of new products I can recommend to clients, along with inspiration for both my business and personal life.

I was asked about my hobbies this morning and the two that really stand out are gardening, which I do every morning and then there’s poetry.  I’ve always liked reading it and now I write my own which is mainly kept locked away but I recently submitted a poem to the Jugiong Writers Festival which was both thrilling and nerve-racking.  My words were out there for all to see and while that’s the same for a blog, poetry is personal!  I have no exceptions of winning anything but I will enter again and again and maybe one day I’ll write something that everyone will want to see.

Now back to the world of design!

Here are some of the things that stood out for me in recent weeks.

The Style Project Blog - Designer Boys

You may recognise Gavin & Warren who became household names in Australia after they appeared
on the 1st series of the ‘The Block’.

After almost a decade as high profile interior designers, Gavin & Warren followed their creative talents to give rise to a highly sought after wholesale art business working exclusively with interior designs, architects and decorators.

Their latest catalogue arrived and this glossy treasure-trove of artwork
had one major stand out for me.

The Echo New York Collection.
Echo New York were well known in the 1930’s – 1950’s for their amazing scarves.
They then evolved into textiles and have worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren.
Designer Boys have brought their wall art to Australia and these pieces are printed on a white border
to replicate the look of a textile.
Only new to the market, these two are finished in a champagne gold frame.

The Style Project Blog - Designer Boys

Pajaros Coloridos

The Style Project Blog - Designer Boys

Navy Blooms of Oceania

Finished in a champagne gold frame
Large 85 x 85cm $825
X Large 105 x 105cm $1,200

available through The Style Project

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“How to buy a great gift:  50 things to buy your friends this year”
had 3 stand out items for me and a lot of fabulous eye candy!

The Style Project Blog - Melissa Penfold

Matte black double gourde lamp from Bragg & Co

The Style Project Blog - Melissa PenfoldShades Key Ring from Georg Jensen

The Style Project Blog - Melissa Penfold

Out East Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons by M. Brian Tichenor
available from Booktopia

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The Style Project Blog - Wisteria Design
Pierre dining table from Wisteria Design $3,950
available through The Style Project

The Style Project Blog - Wisteria Design
Amara rattan bar cart from Wisteria Design $1,090
available through The Style Project

The Style Project Blog - Wisteria Design
Amara rattan bedhead from Wisteria Design available in
Queen $1,300 & King $1,500 through The Style Project

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If you’re looking for more inspiration, to the right of this blog we have brands that we love working with – 36 in total – all filled with stunning images & ideas.  That’s all for this week.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead

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