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Mirrors starting at $88


A well placed mirror reflects light and allows you to glimpse a view that would otherwise not be see from that point.

They also reflect the room opposite and can open up a space.
For windowless rooms, the addition of a mirror makes it feel much brighter and more spacious.

A well-positioned mirror can make a smaller room look larger and will play off natural light from the windows in a larger room.

If you’re challenged with decorating a larger space, place a mirror near a window or lamp.

Mirrors don’t always have to be practical.
An unusually shaped mirror is a talking point and adds a finishing touch to any room.

Not all mirrors need to take a large chunk out of your decorating budget and we’ve listed three price points of mirrors for you look at.

All the mirrors below are from Searles who offer a large range of mirrors, along with homewares and furniture.

Mirrors under $100

Searles Mirror Under $100

Galvanised grey metal mirror
D40 x H8 cm

Searles Mirror Under $100

Timber frame in a semi gloss white with a polished edge mirror (also available in a black gloss)
L44.5 x W4 x H60 cm

Mirrors under $200Searles Mirror Under $200

Multicoloured wood mirror
L71 x D4 x H98 cm

Searles Mirror Under $200
Black and gold metal mirror
L40 x D2.5 x H90 cm

Searles Mirror Under $200

Gold metal mirror
L80 x D10 cmSearles Mirror Under $200Marrakesh design pattern timber frame in a natural timber with a slight wash
W75 x D2.5 cm

Mirrors under $300

Searles Mirror Under $300

Bamboo design frame in a antique gold/black and weaved rattan panel frame in a matt black
D80 x W7 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300

Antique gold metal mirror
W80 x D5 cmNatural white wash timber mirror
L66 x D3.5 x H94 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300

Metal brown and grey mirror
W82.5 x D3 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300

Marrakesh designs give highlights of Morocco, to this decorative timber white wash mirror
W76 x D5 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300

Natural distressed wood mirror
W80 x D2 cmSearles Mirror Under $300

Natural timber mirror
W76 x D4 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300

Metal frame with rivet decor in an antique gold/bronze finish
D92 x W8 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300Bamboo rattan mirror
D76 x W4 cm

Searles Mirror Under $300

Timber mirror in a matte white finish
W88 x D3.1 cmSearles Mirror Under $300

White mesh metal border
W81 x D4 cmSearles Mirror Under $300Silver/Natural aluminium and timber mirror
L76.5 x D5 x L114 cm

For inspiration we have a Mirror Board on Pinterest that shows different styles and uses of mirrors.

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