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The Block – Ground Floor Apt. Week 2

The Block
Ground Floor Apt. Week 2

With yet another mad dash to the finish line, what was The Biz Hotel is now a stunning apartment
block thanks to the most likeable and entertaining contestants The Block series has had to date.

Working on the ground floor apartment together they completed their final rooms last night.

With a perfect score Alisa & Lysandra won for their kitchen.
This gives them $20,000 off their reserve come auction day.

The other spaces were Bec & George dining room, Trixie & Johnno living room, Kim & Matt south facing court yard and Madi & Jarrod with the north facing courtyard.

All five couples have their reserve reduced from between $10,000 to $30,000 for Madi & Jarrod
who have won money in the past two weeks, which will all make for an exciting auction!


Love the kitchen and how beautifully it flows into the dining room.
The two rooms are seamless and the sheers on the windows add a softness to the space.


Bec & George did a fabulous job this week and I was disappointed they didn’t win any money.
The wall panelling is gorgeous and the styling is simple and well executed.


With more cooperation the two outdoor spaces could have worked so much better together.
There’s no cohesion and an interruption to the outdoor spaces.
If I were to buy this apartment I would rework the outdoor spaces so that they worked better together.


THE BLOCK - final trix

This is my least favourite room this episode.  It doesn’t look comfortable and the room lacks flow.


Who do you think is going to win on auction day?

My money’s on Alisa & Lysandra

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Real homes & how people live – Sonya & Adam

Real homes & how people live
Sonya & Adam

This is our first Real Homes blog and I’m thrilled with
the response I had to last week’s blog asking for readers
to share their stories with me.

Sonya & Adam, their gorgeous 2 year old daughter Willow &
as seen in the photograph below, their apricot standard poodle Harvey,
live in Adelaide in a home lovingly renovated & decorated by the owners.

Formal Lounge Dubrich (2)

This formal living room in Sonya & Adam’s home was inspired by
Australian Photographer, Peter Lik’s Artwork of Central Park &
the room has been designed around this image.

They purchased the complete artwork on a holiday in Hawaii
where they were recommended to have track lighting installed.
The track lighting when dimmed mirrors the lighting in the artwork.

The sofa is from King Furniture
Coffee Tables from White Home
Rug from Bayliss Rugs
Lamp from Freedom Furniture
Cushions from Etsy
Wall paint is Dulux Domino
The armchairs are over 30 years old and were Sonya’s
mothers which she had reupholstered.
These Parker chairs still bear the teeth marks from
Sonya’s 2 year old sister at the time, now almost 50 years on!

There’s something wonderful about a room when you bring some of your
own history in and in this case it’s the arm chairs.

Sonya and Adam’s colour choice of Dulux Domino, is one shade shy of black
and while many may be intimidated by such a dark colour,
they were able to see the benefit of wrapping their room
in a strong colour and as you can see, their choice paid off.

The room has a very modern feel to it, yet it’s welcoming and
has a real warmth to it.

Flowers feature regularly in the room, especially when visitors are due.

After researching this blog I went over to facebook
and have liked Peter Lik’s page.
His work is exceptional and well worth a look.

Thank you so much to Sonya, Adam, Willow and our stunning model Harvey.
I hope that Sonya & Adam have inspired you to have your home featured on
The Style Project’s blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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The Block Room Reveal – Living & Dining Rooms

The Block Room Reveal
Living & Dining Rooms

A twist this week!

I’m starting this blog on Sunday night, having just watched the show.

Tomorrow night the contestants will, for the first time, judge each others rooms.

My prediction for this week’s winners are Kim & Matt.
It would be their first win and I think well deserved this week.

I’ll be back tomorrow night with the winners.

The Block Sky High

I wasn’t sure I would get to post this blog tonight.
The power went out and came back on just in time for
me to see tonight’s episode  – thankfully!

It has been raining in Sydney for 3 days now and I suppose having no
power for only a short amount of time isn’t as bad as others are having
with black outs all over the city.

My laptop’s fully charged and a freshly warmed up heat bag sits on my lap
just in case I find myself plunged into darkness again.

Now back to The Block ………..
The scores have been tallied and the winners are

1st – Kim & Matt
2nd – Trixie & Johnno
3rd – Alisa & Lysandra
4th – Bec & George
5th – Madi & Jarrod

Kim & Matt

Living room kim and matt

The flooring is stunning and everything is so well executed.
It’s open, spacious, the walls (again) are beautiful
and the choice of artwork is brilliant!
While not shown here the timber wall is a true stand out and while this
won’t appeal to everyone, it will be popular when it comes time to selling.

Trixie & Johnno

Living room trixie and johnno

What I liked most about this room was how bright, light & spacious it was.
The shelving and how it wraps around is beautiful & the technology incorporated
into the room suits the penthouse location to perfection.
Some may say not having a designated dining space was a mistake
but if they utilise the balcony space to incorporate a dining table
then they have both a large living space and a dining space.
I would though, have liked for the space used as a reading corner,
which I found out of place, to have been used more wisely.

 Alisa & Lysandra

Living room alisa and lysandra

I like the Danish inspiration of these rooms and the simple styling.
Their lighting choices are spot and the recessed television
and shelving show the amount of time dedicated to the planning of their rooms.
The hot pink Dog artwork finished the room off beautifully.

Bec & George

Living room bec and george
I love the timber floors and chairs, the white walls and overall feel of this room.
The styling is beautifully appointed and the coloured wall (not shown)
added warmth to this space.
The projector I felt wasn’t necessary and a large television would have been sufficient.

Madi & Jarrod

Living room madi and jarrod

Madi and Jarrod really have matured in their overall design.
This is a well thought through room with a sophisticated styling not previously seen by them.
The table and chairs are perfectly paired and it’s unfortunate that Madi doubted
her Mint wall (not shown here) that she painted over, as the judges liked the colour.
My absolute favourite here are the chairs – they’re fabulous.


Next week will be the foyer, laundry
& guest powder room
Can’t wait!
I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Yellow Yumm

Yellow Yumm

Gold, butter & ripe lemons are all my favourite colour – yellow.

I associate yellow with happiness and other words that come to mind are sunshine, optimism and pleasure.  It reminds me of my childhood, sunshine & my all time favourite dessert lemon tarts.

Decorating with yellow brings all of these elements to any room and it works so well with most colours.

 Yellow can be the base colour of a room or an accent.
A yellow door says welcome and come in, while a yellow chair says take a seat and stay a while.
If you like the idea of adding yellow but painting a wall yellow is too much, then add some cushions, a lamp base or shade, some ready made drapes or even some flowers to a vase.




coll 3


coll 2

When there is a yellow presence in the room, for balance add black and white furniture, creating strong silhouettes in a room already alive with colour.







From Pale Daffodil to Jubilation, Dulux have yellow covered

 I hope this inspires you to add some yellow when you make your next home purchase.


 I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Black & White Stripes

Black & White Stripes

Add some drama to any room with black & white stripes.  They are timeless, classic & scream Style!
If you’re not overly fond of a lot of colour but are looking for a way to add impact, then why not consider stripes.
Some of these images are custom while others are homewares store purchases for quick & simple decorating.
I love Ikea  for it’s proximity to my house (5 minutes!) & ever evolving stock.  They’re a brilliant source for instant & affordable updates.
Alternatively, you can have a custom piece of furniture made ensuring your requirements are met exactly.

Whichever way you choose to go be sure to mix and match high & low end products giving you a room that looks collected, as opposed to designed & impersonal.

striped drapes

 Instant drama!

striped sofa

 I love this sofa, particularly the gold legs & the siamese cats are the icing on the cake!

striped ottoman

 Neutrals while calming can also been a little bland at times.  By adding the striped ottoman to this room, it adds some punch to a neutral palette.

striped chair

 Simple, yet elegant

striped cushions

 These cushions add instant style to this sofa & tie in perfectly with the rest of the decor

striped bed

 Bedding is such a simple way of changing the look & feel of a bedroom

striped blind

 These roman blinds draw the eye up & really finish off this space

striped shower curtain

 While glass shower screens are far more popular than shower curtains, if you have a shower curtain this bold stripe is a stylish addition to any bathroom.

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Pantone Colour of Year 2013

Pantone have announced their 2013 Colour of the Year

And the winner is Emerald Green

Metallics and crisp whites are the first thing that come to mind when I think of decorating with Emerald Green.

There are so many other possibilities but are a few of my favourite images.

1.  Emerald Green with metallic coffee tables & book case

2.  Metallic starburst mirror works beautifully with Emerald Green & White in this living room

3.  An almost completely white bedroom with a stunning green bedspread

4.  What a difference a coat of green paint makes

5.  Green brightens up this bathroom

6.  These green drapes add a real punch to this dining room

Image Sources

#1 & 3 Pinterest (unknown origins)
#2 Tobi Farley
# 4 Jessie Gray
#5 Laura Britt Design
#6 La Belle Vie

Yours in Style – Kim


Gorgeous Grey!

Grey is the new neutral – a statement you may have heard when people are discussing decorating.

More and more people are using grey as an alternative to white and beige.

Grey offset with gloss white trim is clean, crisp and stunning.

I hope these images inspire you get out your paint brushes.

Bedroom in monochromatic greys

Grey patterned wallpaper removes the need for any artwork

The perfect compliment for grey is hot pink

Dark grey cabinets with white marble counter tops compliment each other perfectly

There is a lot of dark grey in this bedroom, yet it isn’t too dark as it’s balanced out with gold shimmer & white accessories

All images from Pinterest

Yours in Style – Kim