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Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc

Sydney Diner en Blanc logo


On Saturday 19 November, 2016

5,000 people will gather and head towards an undisclosed location for a “pop up” dinner.

Dressed only in white from head to toe, the portable tables, chairs & decorations must also be in white.  This all white vision is something to behold.

This will be my fourth Sydney Diner en Blanc and the first as a “Pedestrian Leader”.
My group will walk to the location which in past years has included Bondi Beach
(where I was asked when on my way to the loo if I was part of a mass wedding!)
and last year at The Sydney Opera House.

It’s a magical evening and one that originated in Paris in 1988.
Frenchman François Pasquier invited a group of friends to an elegant outdoor dinner at Bois de Boulogne,
asking them to dress in white so they could find each other.
It’s now held annually all over the world.

A trolley’s a must as you have to transport everything to the venue

Diner en Blanc trolley

Spray paint can turn anything white

Diner en Blanc white spray paint
Solar or battery operated lights add both shimmer & light

String solar lights - Diner en Blanc
& Don’t forget to decorate the back of your chair!

Diner en Blanc chair backs
Hats are plentiful as it’s the perfect way to finish off an all white outfit.

Audrey Hepburn white hat

 With all white table settings it’s amazing the length some people go to when decorating their table –
remembering you have to bring everything with you & take it back home again!

Diner en Blanc table setting

Thinking outside the square is even more important for an event like this.
Ikea, BigW, Kmart & Target
all offer some amazing items you can use and when you add a can of white spray paint –
the sky’s the limit!
For more information on this night of nights

Until next time

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Your Top 3 Colour Questions Answered

1.  I’m scared to paint – what if I make a mistake?

Paint’s no different to anything else in life.  Just jump in!

I once lived in a shared house in Melbourne for only two weeks and before I moved in I painted my bedroom completely in white, then added muslin to the windows and all white bedding.

I had no idea I would live there for such a short period of time but the time I spent there was relaxing and such a lovely space to come home to – albeit brief!

All white bedroom

A good rule of thumb is to look at 1/2 and 1/4 strength options of a colour that you like.

Also take into consideration that the small paint chip you see in the hardware store will be magnified many times over on a wall.  If there’s a Dulux colour that you like just email me with the colour name and I’ll forward you A4 colour samples within the week.

You can then add to your wall and decide which colour works for you.
This so often helps to confirm which colours will and won’t work for you.

If you don’t like the colour you paint, then paint over it.

2.  What’s an alternative to white?

Grey is the perfect alternative.  It’s timeless and a beautiful contrast against white architraves.


If you’re a little shy about painting I recommend opting for the lighter shade and then move up to a darker shade once you realise just how fabulous grey is!  Offset with a white gloss trim, this really is a stunning combination.



3.  Will dark colours make a room appear smaller?

Dark colours can actually make a wall recede.
In the image below it looks as if the wall is further back than it actually is.

Black wall bathroom

In answer to your question, if you were to paint all four walls of a room in a dark colour, then yes it would make the room appear smaller, but one wall have give the effect of the wall receding and also adding interest to a small space.

You can use the 60/30 rule if unsure of how to add colour

Add 60% of a dominant colour
30% of a secondary colour
10% of an accent colour

Translate this to a room and the percentages are

60% of the room’s colour to the walls
30% of the room’s colour for upholstery
10% of the room’s colour for accent pieces – cushions & accessories.

I hope this helps with any colour dilemmas you may have and we’re
always happy to answer any questions that you have.

Interior Design Community

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were launching a Design Community and I’m happy to announce that this is now in place.

The Style Project Residential Design


Be part of our Interior Design Community

At The Style Project we value you as a blog subscriber & would like to
give back to you.  We are offering to be your
“Virtual Shopping Assistant” at no cost to you.

If you are looking for furniture, rugs, lighting, window treatments,
cushions, wallpaper – in fact anything for your home – email or text us an
image & we’ll send you through the best pricing we can obtain.
02 9787 9183 or 0413 772 352

Until next time

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Instagram Inspiration



Instragram phone

My social media until recently consisted of blogging, facebook, pinterest and twitter, and of those blogging  and pinterest went hand in hand with all of the amazing images pinned.  I was initially reluctant to expand into Instagram, but now I love it.  The images are fabulous, the topics diverse and adding an image is so simple and you get your message out instantly – hence the name!

Recent posts have been of an item I found on the side of the road followed by its transformation, a meal from a bar I went to (it seems as if half the world now photographs their food before they eat and I thank Stephen for his patience) a photograph from Vivid and some client images.

You can view my Instagram page here

I’ve added some images from Instagrammers that I follow and will be sure to add to my current 133 posts in no time at all.
























the end

 Until next time

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Real homes & how people live – Gloria & Paul

Real homes & how people live
Gloria & Paul

A busy weekend for me with an early rise yesterday to fly to Melbourne
to spend the day with my Mum.  It was a cold but sunny day and we had a great lunch out and
it was good to just sit and chat.

I didn’t have any luggage to check in as I was only going for the day but my return journey saw me
cramming three giant bags into overhead lockers and under my seat.
I bought styrofoam bricks that I knew would be perfect to lift the antique Japanese screen in my
living room, to the height I had always wanted it.  With 100+ year old walls you can’t just hang
something that heavy from the wall.

I’m pleased to say it was a huge success and the screen is an additional 30cm higher
than it was yesterday.

Now onto our August Real Homes & How People Live Series.

Gloria & Paul live in a beautiful waterfront Gold Coast apartment.

Both were born and bred in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs beach area & their dream had always been
to live on the beach, and with Sydney beach real estate what it was, their dream was
totally unaffordable in Sydney, but not in Queensland.

After many trips covering the entire Gold Coast region they found their perfect new home in Bilinga.
Ticking all of their wish list boxes from beachfront to,  good infrastructure with close proximity to
hospitals, gym, shops and of something Sydney can’t offer with uncrowded beaches, most days there
only 10 people maximum on the beach.  There’s also the close proximity to the airport for
regular visits to Sydney, 40 mins to Byron Bay and only an hour to Brisbane.

Gloria tells me that after 3 ½ years of living in their dream apartment she loves the soothing sounds
of the ocean at night and during the daytime  the stunning  ocean and mountain hinterland views.
There’s plenty of activity in the area to keep them busy with the annual whales migrating, skydiving,
the Australian Surf Lifesaving championships, international surfboard riding competitions
and Cooly Rocks.

Gloria describes it as a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, saying it reminds her of Sydney
20 years ago and in the last few nights there has been a spectacular full golden moon
illuminating the ocean .
Ah – doesn’t it make you want to live there?
Watch out Gloria and Paul, you may have some visitors on your doorstep!


GLORIA - building

Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next!
The sky really is this blue

GLORIA - dining table

Many a glass of bubbly has been had over a sumptuous meal cooked by Gloria

GLORIA - cat on windowsill

Their home is shared with much loved Tiggy who likes to spend his day relaxing on the windowsill
looking out to the ocean.

Gloria has kindly shared two of her favourite recipes with us, firstly

Mussels with no Tomato…..Or Wine!


When I asked Gloria about the unusual name of this recipe she told me her take on it was that
….no tomato, no wine….is in relation to the PH of food and both tomato and wine are fruits
and therefore acid forming, and we need to keep the acidity in our bodies low.

Serves 4  for entrée or 2 mains


 1 kg best black Australian mussels…preferably Creyovac organic Tasmanian
(remove from fridge 2 hrs before cooking)

1 long green chilli coarsely chopped

1 long red chilli coarsely chopped

3 cloves crushed Aussie garlic

1 tablespoon cumin

1 dessertspoon olive oil

1 dessertspoon ghee

Fresh chopped herbs for garnish….Italian parsley, coriander,basil.

½ cup vegetable stock

½ cup reserved mussel liquid


Pour mussels and liquid into large bowl

 Saute the chilli’s, garlic, cumin in the oil and butter until fragrant

 Add the mussels and sauté on high heat for 2-3 mins

 Add the stock and mussel juice and mix

 Cover with clear glass lid and cook on high heat until mussels open, approx 5 mins

Remove from heat and add the chopped herbs

 Serve immediately with bread or rice or pasta

and for dessert
 Gluten Free Fruit Crumble




4 granny smith apples peeled and quartered

4 beurre bosc pears peeled and quartered

Juice of 1 -2 lemons and rind of one

1 pomegranite seeds extracted

2 star anise

2 cinnamon quills

½ tspn nutmeg

1 tabspn rapadura sugar


Place all ingredients except the pomegranate seeds into pot and mix well

Now with lid on , bring to the boil , take care not to burn
Reduce heat to simmer and turn over the fruit from the bottom of the pot to the top
Continue this method for approx 10mins or until fruit is medium firm and not soft.

Turn off the heat and add pomegranate seeds and replace lid


½ cup walnuts and ½ cup macadamias

1 tspn cinnamon

Pinch of chilli powder

Freshly ground black pepper

2-3 tabspns organic rice syrup

In a medium non stick saucepan, heat the nuts on medium to high heat,
till you get the scent of roasted nuts…..ensure you keep the nuts moving whilst cooking

Remove the pan from heat

Add the cinnamon, chilli and pepper and combine well

Lastly, add the rice syrup and allow to cool
( You may need to break up the nuts as they will be toffeed )

Remove the cinnamon quills and star anise from the apple mixture and transfer to serving dish

Top with walnut mixture and serve with vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt or fresh whipped cream

Bon Appétit!
and now some music to finish off

 When thinking of what would be appropriate this week it was a no brainer – Gloria by Van Morrison.
I once met a woman whose sister was engaged to “Van the Man”, quite a claim to fame!
When looking through youtube at all of the versions of this brilliant and classic song I much prefer
this version by Van’s original band “Them”.  I hope you enjoy Gloria.

Thank you so much to Gloria and Paul for allowing us into their home and I hope that this has
inspired you to have your home featured on The Style Project’s blog and
I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Real homes & how people live

Real homes & how people live

I have a terrible habit of peeking into people’s homes as I walk by and am thrilled
whenever I catch a glimpse.


I would happily pay a small fee to be able to walk through homes that take my fancy
& it could be a way to reward the homeowner for such an attractive looking property.
OK – so that idea probably won’t take off, but imagine being able to see
how real people live.

Not a magazine showing a room with a throw place just so;
a child skipping happily through a room or a vase of flowers
with it’s buds perfectly opened.

I’m talking about homes that people live in.  Homes that show the family’s
true personality; where they have traveled, what stages they are at in their lives.
Has their much loved dog or cat chewed or clawed mercilessly at what was once
the perfect sofa and has now become a chewy thing or scratching post for the
family’s four legged friend.




These are the homes I would like to be able to show you on The Style Project’s Blog.

I am looking for real people, with real homes to be on a blog entitled

Real homes & how people live

 Is your home like any of these?









If you would like to show off your home, apartment, garden or tent!
Email me and we can talk about one, two or multiple images of your living space being
shown on The Style Project’s blog

I look forward to seeing how my readers live!

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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New Year’s Home Organising

New Year’s Home Organising


Organised wardrobe

 I’m a huge fan of starting off the New Year with a clean house.
My Spring Cleaning is always done in the late December/early January break.

If you do this each year (not necessarily when I do, just pick a time) then your home will always be organised, deep cleaned and you’ll know where everything is.

This is a great time to donate to a charity of your choice and it’s good knowing that things you have no need for will go to a worthy home.

If you spent a crazy amount of money on something, or it was a gift that you really no longer need, then I find Gumtree to be an excellent way to sell unwanted goods and with the money you make you can save for another item (hopefully it won’t be sold the next year!).

This is also an excellent start to staging your home if you’re getting ready to sell.

My Top 10 Tips

1.  Break it down.
So many people are daunted by large tasks and so they never start.
If you look at small sections of a room or just a cupboard then make a start there.
You’ll be so impressed with one cupboard that you’ll  move onto the next and then the next.

2.  Clear the room to start with a blank canvas, then clean and you’re ready to start sorting items into the following groups:
Keep –  put them straight into their new home
Throw Away – contact your local council to arrange a collection
Give to Charity – some charities will collect from your home
Sell – Gumtree is free & a great way to sell items

Organised labelled boxes

3.  Keep your cleaning products in a plastic caddy in the cupboard and that way they’re ready to take from room to room.

Organised cleaning caddy

4. Put everything back where you got it from.
Everything has a home and if it goes back there you’ll know where to find it next time.
This will save you hours of searching.

5.  Do you really need all of those plastic containers?  They take up so much room in your cupboards.
Take away containers are always coming into the house so only keep what you need.

6.  Use Martha Stewart’s “Six Things to Do Every Day” to keep on top of everything.

7. Keep your sheets in sets in a cupboard or drawer near the bedrooms, so much easier when making up the bed.

Organised sheet sets

8.  Go digital – photograph or scan documents to your ipad and store there (be sure to back up).

9.  Use the “one in, two out” rule
The rule is that whenever you bring in an item, you have to remove two others from the house.
(my husband’s favourite – his attempt to stop me from bringing home furniture – not always successful!).
This one definitely makes you think before bringing something home.

10.  For over 100 different organisational tips have a look at our Pinterest page

Organised laundry door for four pic

Yours in Style – Kim

Images all sourced from Pinterest:


Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

How many people have I heard say “I can’t believe where this year has gone”!

Only 3 more sleeps and the man in the red suit will be paying us a visit.

For me, Christmas Eve is spent going to a nearby neighbourhood looking at homes decorated from top to bottom with Christmas lights, then home to wait for the sound of reindeer on the roof.  Christmas Day in Sydney is generally a warm to hot day and so our main meal is a mixture of  traditional and salads.  My husband glazes and bakes the ham, we have chicken, and then one of this years salads will be sweet potato, fetta, pine nuts and a balsamic dressing (yum!).  Much later we will have plum pudding and custard (not that we need it).

Gift opening is a sea of paper flying everywhere and as this years theme is gold gift boxes, gifts will be opened in record time as it’s much quicker opening a box than ripping off gift wrapping.  I always get such a buzz out of seeing someone’s face filled with a huge smile when they receive exactly what they wanted.  Each year my family buys a gift through one of the aid organisations and this years gift is a rescue pack of a makeshift shelter and items that a displaced family will need.  It’s very humbling thinking how this will change someones life from homelessness to having a shelter of their own.

As this is my last blog for 2012, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, safe travels on your holiday and a fabulous year in 2013.

 Here are some images that mean Christmas to me.

Christmas 400

Christmas favourites – stylish gifts, the beach, Chanel & Reindeers!

A welcoming Christmas entrance


Who says a Christmas tree has to be green?

Monkey decorations

Pretty in Pink

champagne with frame


To hear Michael Buble sing  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, click on his name here

The Style Project wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year and I’ll be back in 2013 with more blogs.

Yours in Christmas Style – Kim

Images all sourced from Pinterest:


Table Toppers

Planning the menu is only the beginning when hosting a dinner party.

A beautifully set table not only sets the mood for the event you will be hosting,
it also shows your guests that you took the time to make their evening to the next level.

The ideas are endless as you can see from some of these images.

How will you dress your table for your next party?

1.  A pretty pink tulle table cloth sets the tone

2.  Blue & white striped table and chairs

3.  White and gold uniformity in the outdoors

4.  Black shimmer

5.  Chevron and Greek Key patterns work brilliantly together

6.  The motto for any successful dinner party!

All images are from Pinterest
Table Toppers @


Yours in Style – Kim


Melbourne Cup

It’s Melbourne Cup Eve and I have just finished writing a blog.  I looked at the finished product and wasn’t too impressed – off to the bin it went!

So a new idea popped into my head – I’ll write about the Melbourne Cup

Twenty years ago when I moved from Melbourne to Sydney I was disappointed when the first Tuesday in November came around as I knew it wasn’t a public holiday in N.S.W. as it is in Victoria.  The disappointment didn’t last long when I discovered the Melbourne Cup was HUGE in Sydney.  It’s not called the horse race that stops a nation for no reason!

As it’s still a normal working day (even though not a lot of work gets done) people head off to their jobs in the morning and then just after lunch the flats are swapped for heals, the hair gets some extra attention and hats and fascinators are on!  People head to boardrooms to crowd around a television, champagne in hand to watch the race or out to a restaurant, again with the Melbourne Cup on a television, everyone cheering on.  It’s definitely not a day to miss work!

I’ll finish off the rest of this post tomorrow after I have photographed some of the sights in Sydney for Melbourne Cup Day.

Off now to steam my outfit!

Here I am with today’s hosts at Cafe Sydney, Channel 10’s Natarsha Belling the MC for the day with Cafe Sydney’s restaurant manager, Todd Cummins.

The view from Cafe Sydney

Our hosts for the day, Roxanne behind me and Martin in the striped shirt

The Crowning Glory winner for best hat or hairpiece

The Swankiest Stallion , for best dressed male

This gent was popular with his green inspired outfit

This years winner is Green Moon – Congratulations!!

I finished up the day without any wins but I did have a fabulous afternoon

Yours in Style – Kim



I was having my hair cut and coloured a few weeks ago and Teri my hairdresser asked me if I was on Pinterest.  I told her that with facebook and twitter that I didn’t have any spare time for any more social networking sites.  She told me how fabulous it was and that night I started what has now become my biggest addiction ever.

Bigger than red wine, shoes and Zara combined!

Pinterest is a forum for people to share images and I use it as an inspiration for not only Interior Design
but I love the fashion, organisational tips and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of  images from my Pinterest page.

You can view The Style Project on Pinterest by clicking on the link below.

And I’ve saved my all time favourite for last – there’s just something about this doorway that I love

Yours in Style – Kim

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