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Homes around the world

Happy Monday!

Here are some of the homes I visit when my mind wanders!

Let’s start with the largest of my (imaginary) homes.

I’ve flown out of Sydney directly to LA.
I am driven to my Beverly Hills home which is obviously the home that I purchased when recently winning lotto and bearing in mind the huge number of visitors I would be receiving!

This is far more my style – San Francisco.
Beautifully restored and character filled and so close to the city.

Then over to the east coast to my Connecticut home to be close to
Martha Stewart who I adore.
Martha and I swap recipes and discuss some recent d.i.y projects
before I’m back on the plane and across the pond.

London’s not really for me so it’s down to Brighton to be beside
the seaside.

A quick stop over in Paris for some macaroons before
heading back home to Sydney.

Home sweet home.
Would I trade any of those homes for this one – never, not after
all of the love and attention we have given this home!

Yours in Style – Kim




Floral Interior Design

I thought I would start the week off with some Floral Interior Design images

This rose blossom lighting design would light up any room

Pink flowers anyone?

Black and white sunflower lace bedhead

Pink floral wing chair

Floral bathroom mosaics

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim


Repurposed Furniture

Something close to my heart is repurposed furniture

I love finding items that someone no longer loves and giving it new life

Here is some furniture that new life has been given to

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

This suitcase chair is both innovative and stunning
I’m not sure if this would be the most comfortable seat but it’s definitely stylish

Salvaged materials used as a lighting track will make everyone look up!

Not sure what to do with old cardboard?
Turn it into a coffee table

What was once a traditional chest of drawers
is now a modern metallic piece of furniture

A dining table cut in half makes the perfect hall table
Image courtesy of

I’ve save the best for last!
I just love this bathtub sofa
It’s innovative, a brilliant use of something many would just throw away &
it’s oh so stylish

Yours in Style – Kim


Guthrie House

Recently my husband’s firm, Deloitte, had “Impact Day” where employees of the firm are invited to offer their services for the day as a volunteer.

Stephen, along with 23 other people from Deloitte went to Guthrie House to paint and garden for the day.

Guthrie House is a community based drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation and transition service for women involved in the criminal justice system.

The Style Project offered a colour and space planning consultation and I arranged for Dulux to donate 20 litres of paint and Selleys donated painting equipment including drop sheets, rollers, trays, roller extension poles & brushes.

Thank you so much to Dulux & Selleys for their generosity and thank you to Deloitte for being such a generous employer to give their staff the time off work to give back to the community.

The Style Project

Laura Sutton & Beatrice Sciosci from Deloitte

The Style Project

Molly Wen, Keren Green & Bernard Quain from Deloitte

The Style Project

Kanak Pillai & Stephen Thurn from Deloitte

The Style Project

Lesley-Anne from Guthrie House & Deloitte Staff, Rahul Goyal, Philippa Wright, Frank Sharp, Sue Billen & Calvin Yeoh

Yours in Style – Kim


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