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Ceiling Sensations

Ceiling Sensations

 Look up and what do you see?
If it’s white, flat and rather uninteresting, then read on for new possibilities …………

Ceilings are finally gaining the recognition they deserve, with more and more people thinking beyond walls when they decorate.

Painting ceilings the same or an opposing colour as the walls, wallpapering, adding timber panels or fabric, are just some of the ideas you can use when looking to decorating your ceiling.

One of my favourite ways to decorate is with metal ceilings. With my passion for older style homes, metal ceilings are the perfect way to add character and charm to any home.
Having said this, more and more modern homes are adding metal ceilings and splashbacks for interest and texture.

Suppliers for some of these ideas are listed below

Nina Campbell Wallpaper & Porters Paints Wallpaper

Tin panels

Timber ceilings

DuluxPaint & Porters Paints

(None of the suppliers mentioned in this blog were paid for their recommendations)

What will you do with your fifth wall?

I would love to hear and see how you have thought beyond your walls when decorating and what you have done with your ceiling
ceiling - pink bathroom

ceiling - glossy paint

ceiling - timber coffers

ceiling - pressed metal


ceiling - plywood

celing - kids

MIO 163

 ceiling - concrete

ceiling - coffered

ceiling - aeroplanes



I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Yellow Yumm

Yellow Yumm

Gold, butter & ripe lemons are all my favourite colour – yellow.

I associate yellow with happiness and other words that come to mind are sunshine, optimism and pleasure.  It reminds me of my childhood, sunshine & my all time favourite dessert lemon tarts.

Decorating with yellow brings all of these elements to any room and it works so well with most colours.

 Yellow can be the base colour of a room or an accent.
A yellow door says welcome and come in, while a yellow chair says take a seat and stay a while.
If you like the idea of adding yellow but painting a wall yellow is too much, then add some cushions, a lamp base or shade, some ready made drapes or even some flowers to a vase.




coll 3


coll 2

When there is a yellow presence in the room, for balance add black and white furniture, creating strong silhouettes in a room already alive with colour.







From Pale Daffodil to Jubilation, Dulux have yellow covered

 I hope this inspires you to add some yellow when you make your next home purchase.


 I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Op Shop Decorating and a Quick Before & After

Op Shop Decorating

 While most blogs come naturally, others are hard work.  I spent most nights this week tweeking a blog on decorating with the colour navy.   It will be a post in coming weeks but for now it’s just not feeling right.

Then earlier yesterday when I was trawling through my favourite Op Shop, I thought that would be a good idea for this week’s blog.

So here we go………….

I’m fortunate living in Sydney’s Inner West.  I am within 10 minutes of most of my suppliers, 5 minutes from Ikea and the same distance to my local Salvation Army Opportunity Shop.

Most Saturday’s I’ll head to the Salvo’s store to see what they have in.  Recent purchases have included a timber cabinet, which now houses our rather large television (the boys sport t.v.), a champagne coloured pearl necklace and some of today’s item’s to add to Tom’s room that I wanted to finish off before Easter.

Stephen and I have spent the past three weekends working on finishing (for the time being!) off our house so that we can relax over the Easter break.

 Op shop

My local Salvo’s filled with some fabulous finds


The pearls in the foreground are the ones I bought for $25 and they’re stunning!

A Quick Before & After

Tom’s bedroom is the smallest in the house, so when we first started working on our house 8 years ago we made sure he was the first to have built in wardrobes and I’m always trying to find ways to make it as comfortable as possible.  Over the years he has grown from a small boy to a teenager close in height to his father’s 6 ft.  While Tom is perfectly happy with the way his room looks, I would prefer the clothing to be in drawers or hung up as opposed to on the floor at the foot of the bed!

I spent an hour at Ikea, then a few hours at home, tweeking his room and it has now gone from, well you have a look below.

Here’s the before


and here’s the after


chalk paint and ten dollars

The $10 for this chalk paint was a find in the street when I was out earlier scouting for cushions.
I used the chalk paint on a mug and two small bowls, total $5.  I wrote the letter “T” on a mug and then added pens & pencils and some small items to the bowls.  An old metal money box was sprayed and I wrote “$” in chalk.


These orange hooks are a bright addition to the room and so practical


This was a Christmas gift from a few years ago and now instead of being hidden away on a shelf, sits on Tom’s desk & at night casts a rather eerie glow on the room with a flameless tea light

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

While I’m not a fan of trends and prefer my own taste be reflected when decorating, it’s difficult not to be influenced as these are the products that are on the market and available to buy.

 Going Green is definitely a consideration as we look at how we can contribute to being environmentally conscious.  Choices for consumers is increasing and there is a wide variety of options to choose from.  Bamboo flooring is just one example of a beautiful and sustainable product worth considering.

bamboo floor

Completely white kitchens were all you saw for quite some time, yet now people are taking a less safe approach with their kitchen choices.

kit col

4 gel

 Hardware in a satin finished brass is beginning to trend and looks more expensive than brushed nickel.  New taps are a simple and inexpensive way to take a room from dated to updated & on trend.

Marble, Quartz or Granite – which to choose?


Marble is a rock resulting from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock.
Metamorphism causes variable recrystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains.

Examples of historically notable marble varieties and locations:



Granite is a natural material with flaws.
Time & care needs to be taken when selecting your slab to ensure you have exactly the piece you think will best suit your needs.
You will also need to seal your granite every few months, so maintenance is required.

Quartz is uniform with only small variations in colour and generally what you select is what you receive. Quartz requires no maintenance and seams can be a little tighter than granite. Another benefit of quartz over granite is that it comes in colours, while natural stone doesn’t.

I hope you have a fabulous week

 Yours in Style – Kim x

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A collection of chairs

A collection of chairs

When asked what my passion is, the answer is Interior Design and of that passion my love is Chairs!

I’m unable to drive past a council pick up on the side of the road and leave a chair there all by itself.

I have a garage filled with chairs collected over time and have previously blogged about my favourite chairs in my home that I rescued from a local dumpster.

This blog is dedicated to chairs!

These chairs and many more are available to see on Pinterest

  col 3

col 2

col 4

 col 5

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Before & After Family Room

Family Room

 As the years go by and a family grows and expands, their needs change.

This family room evolved over 8 years, from a family of four including two young children with lots of drawing, games & the need for everything to be in one room.

Fast forward 8 years and those children are now teenagers and the family’s needs are now for a room to watch tv in and enjoy casual meals.

While a lot of storage had to be removed from the room, it now has ample seating for the family of four, is streamlined & modern, yet comfortable & very open.

Storage was addressed by moving some of the items into the teenagers rooms & adding more storage into the dining room (more on that in a later blog).


Cabinet and bookcases new

finished room

PicCollage after images

If you’re unsure how to transform a room to incorporate your needs, start with a list.

1.  What purpose do you want the room to have?

2.  What do you want to keep in the room & what can you move elsewhere?

3.  What new items do you need to purchase?

4.  If you remove items, where are you going to store them?

5.  Does the new room design suit all of your needs?

6.  Set yourself a budget and stick to it

7.  Set yourself a start & end date for the project (otherwise it may never start or end!)

If you need any advice on your project, feel free to drop me an email & I’ll be only too happy to point you in the right direction.

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Black & White Stripes

Black & White Stripes

Add some drama to any room with black & white stripes.  They are timeless, classic & scream Style!
If you’re not overly fond of a lot of colour but are looking for a way to add impact, then why not consider stripes.
Some of these images are custom while others are homewares store purchases for quick & simple decorating.
I love Ikea  for it’s proximity to my house (5 minutes!) & ever evolving stock.  They’re a brilliant source for instant & affordable updates.
Alternatively, you can have a custom piece of furniture made ensuring your requirements are met exactly.

Whichever way you choose to go be sure to mix and match high & low end products giving you a room that looks collected, as opposed to designed & impersonal.

striped drapes

 Instant drama!

striped sofa

 I love this sofa, particularly the gold legs & the siamese cats are the icing on the cake!

striped ottoman

 Neutrals while calming can also been a little bland at times.  By adding the striped ottoman to this room, it adds some punch to a neutral palette.

striped chair

  Simple, yet elegant

striped cushions

 These cushions add instant style to this sofa & tie in perfectly with the rest of the decor

striped bed

 Bedding is such a simple way of changing the look & feel of a bedroom

striped blind

 These roman blinds draw the eye up & really finish off this space

striped shower curtain

 While glass shower screens are far more popular than shower curtains, if you have a shower curtain this bold stripe is a stylish addition to any bathroom.

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Things I Love

Things I Love

 This blog is dedicated purely and simply to things that I love.  I’m talking about things not people, needless to say I love my family and friends and give thanks every day for having such amazing people in my life.
I was on a train recently and a grandfather was with his two small grandchildren and they were going out for the day.  We talked for around 10 minutes and the interaction with a 2, 4 & 80 year old made my day!  People are the most imporant, and things are the icing on the cake.
Here are some of my favourite things and I’d love for you to add a comment and tell me about yours.

books collage

I have worn Chanel No. 5 for the past 30 years.  I sometimes stray from it but always go back to the stunning fragrance and beautiful bottles.

I bought my Michael Kors watch just over a year ago and wear it every day.  It brings a smile to my face.

 I love to visit is Melbourne which was my home until I moved to Sydney 20 years ago.  I go back at least twice a year to visit family and old friends.
The food and shopping are second to none and it’s only an hour by plane.

tv collage

I have been crazy about Zara ever since I walked into one of their stores in Hong Kong. They opened up in Sydney over a year ago and my wardrobe is now filled with lots of wonderful outfits from them. $45 for jeans that fit amazingly well is my idea of a bargain!
Now all we need is Zara Home to complete the picture.

Pilates has been my passion for coming up to 10 years and Elixr have the most fabulous instructors in Sydney.

 One of my 2012 New Years Resolutions was to go back to classical ballet.
I’m pleased to say that over a year later that you’ll find me at the Sydney Dance Company most Sunday mornings.

I would love to hear back from you to know what you love

Yours in Style – Kim

Image Sources:  Pinterest/Chanel/


Metallics Concept

Metallics Concept

I’m having a relaxing break in Queensland and between dips in the pool and sight seeing,
I’m spending time blogging and pinteresting.
I put this metallics concept board together this afternoon.

There’s something very luxe about adding metallics to any room.

If you’re not ready for a giant leap, why not start with a cushion, lamp or mirror.


Yours in Style – Kim

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Pantone Colour of Year 2013

Pantone have announced their 2013 Colour of the Year

And the winner is Emerald Green

Metallics and crisp whites are the first thing that come to mind when I think of decorating with Emerald Green.

There are so many other possibilities but are a few of my favourite images.

1.  Emerald Green with metallic coffee tables & book case

2.  Metallic starburst mirror works beautifully with Emerald Green & White in this living room

3.  An almost completely white bedroom with a stunning green bedspread

4.  What a difference a coat of green paint makes

5.  Green brightens up this bathroom

6.  These green drapes add a real punch to this dining room

Image Sources

#1 & 3 Pinterest (unknown origins)
#2 Tobi Farley
# 4 Jessie Gray
#5 Laura Britt Design
#6 La Belle Vie

Yours in Style – Kim

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