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Just Bedding

Just BeddingJust Bedding The Style Project

I’m a fan of Florence Broadhurst textiles and when Just Bedding sent me their Florence Broadhurst queen quilt cover, pillow slips & 2 continental pillow slips I was thrilled.  The fabric is soft & with a wide opening at the base, the doona wasn’t the usual wrestle to get it into all four corners.  I styled the bedding to show off it’s reversible doona cover and pillow slips which is always a bonus as it adds another dimension to the bed instead of it being all one pattern.

The Style Project Blog

By turning back the top of your doona you expose the pattern on the reverse and add more depth to the overall look of the bed.

In keeping with reversible fabrics I’ve used mustard and navy velvet accent cushions which are feather filled and sit perfectly in place on the fold.

Just Bedding The Style Project

Patterns don’t need to match, you just need a common element which in this case is the colour

Just Bedding The Style Project

Just Bedding have some guidelines on their website that I’m sure you’ll find helpful when you’re next looking to update your bedding.

Just Bedding The Style Project


The Style Project Blog

Just Bedding The Style Project
Just Bedding The Style Project


Just Bedding The Style Project

Just Bedding The Style Project

Just Bedding The Style Project

Just Bedding The Style Project

For me, the number 1 priority when shopping for sheeting is that it’s a high quality thread count and white only.
White sheets work with all doona covers and bedding and with some fabric whitener in your wash they’ll always look as good as the day your bought them.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead

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Yours in Style

“Designing interiors to inspire emotion
& create memories”

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Bedroom Bliss

As I struggled to get out of bed this morning I had the added advantage of an additional hour’s sleep as today’s the day we wind our clocks back with the end of daylight saving.

Snuggled under my doona, the window open and the rain
pouring down I had no desire to get up at all, until a rumbling stomach finally pushed me out.

This week’s blog is filled with a variety of images.
Some bedrooms are muted while others are brightly coloured.
Individuality is a definite winner when it comes to decorating the room you spend your most time in.

What does your bedroom say about you?

bedroom sketch


Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead

Yours in Style – Kim x


The Block Ground Floor Apartment


Ground Floor Apartment

Remember the ground floor apartment that materialised last week?
Well, this week each team worked on designated rooms all with the aim of winning money
off their reserve price on auction day.

Risks were taken, and some paid off while others didn’t.

Madi & Jarrod won $20,000 off their reserve, Bec & George $15,000 & Trixie & Johnno $10,000.

Next week another five rooms will be completed and I have no doubt that
Alisa and Lysandra & Matt and Kim will do whatever they can to get their reserve prices
down by $20,000 & $15,000.

Ground floor - Madi & Jarrod's bedroom

Madi & Jarrod’s taste has definitely evolved, but unlike the judges I didn’t find this room as appealing.
I very much like the greens and the custom bedhead, but I couldn’t find a reference
in the room for the dark wall.  Perhaps a rug in similar tones would have tied it all together.

Ground floor - BEC & GEORGE bedroom

Bec & George did a fabulous job this week and the floating bed is a definite winner.
The forest background while not my taste, is a statement and strong focal point for the room.

Ground floor - tRIXIE & Johnno's ensuite

I’m not a fan of a lot of the work that Trixie & Johnno have completed to date, but I thought this
ensuite should have won the show.  The tiles are exquisite, as is the bath and the accessories.

Ground floor - kIM & mATT'S BEDROOM

Kim & Matt produced a nice room but it lacked their normal WOW factor.
What I did like was the hot pink feather artwork and the purple side tables that added
some punch in the colour spectrum of the room.

Ground floor - Alisa & Lysandra's laundry

The laundry was the area that I liked the most of Alisa & Lysandra’s rooms.
Black cabinets make for a gorgeous laundry and it’s well appointed and truly stylish.


As The Block draws closer to the the final show, I would like to hear who you think will win on auction day.
I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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The Block Room Reveal – Terrace & Redo

The Block Room Reveal
 Terrace & Redo

 This week the contestants had the opportunity to address a room that either they or the judges weren’t happy with.

Kim & Matt’s was an obvious choice with their “Crime Scene” bedroom, and the others required some tweeking to their rooms.

A huge congratulations to Kim & Matt who placed first this week for their Terrace, resulting in a well deserved holiday to Lizard Island.

They were closely followed by Alisa & Lysandra.
The girls were thrilled when the judges praised their work and mentioned design was
definitely a field they should pursue after the show.
At around week 3 I knew they would go into either Interior Design or
Renovations as a profession as they’re so suited to it.
Their project management and foresight  will be a huge benefit to them.

So now for the rooms and each contestant’s before & after redo rooms and terraces!

Kim & Matt

THE BLOCK - M & K before

Who could forget the “Crime Scene”

THE BLOCK - Kim and Matt after

An after room that will now appeal to a far wider audience


Stand outs in this room were the fire place & overhead projector that retracted into the ceiling.
This terrace has a luxury feel to it that adds to their other gorgeous rooms.

Alisa & Lysandra

THE BLOCK - A & L before

 As a first room they hadn’t yet developed what is now a true eye for design & styling.

THE BLOCK - A & L after

This room reminds me of something that Kim & Matt may have done and I love the finish of the wall.

THE BLOCK TERRACE - Alisa & Lysandra

A full outdoor kitchen, green wall & that stunning timber ceiling made for a beautiful terrace.
I’m sure everyone can imagine themselves hanging in the pod chairs (not shown here) for hours!
This would be an apartment I would happily live in.

Bec & George

THE BLOCK - B & G before

 This was my least favourite room delivered by Bec & George.

THE BLOCK - B & G after

They now have a workable home office with the option of using it as a guest room.

The high point of this terrace is the bar and stools you can sit at to overlook the city – a brilliant idea!
The feel is light and bright and one of Bec & George’s stand out rooms.

Madi & Jarrod

THE BLOCK - madi and jarrod before

I didn’t dislike the foyer as it was but felt that the colour of the wall was what let it down.

THE BLOCK - madi and jarrod after

The glass wall is the stand out and while I know it wouldn’t have been a popular choice by the judges,
I would have liked to seen the orange rug here to add a pop of colour to the floor.


The travertine floor is beautiful and lends the space to a true Mediterranean feel.
Jarrod’s joinery is beautifully presented yet the space doesn’t seen complete.
Perhaps a little more styling would have completed the room.

Trixie & Johnno

THE BLOCK - trixie and johnno before

Just a little too ordinary for The Block.

THE BLOCK - T & J after

The addition of the glass doors adds some light to the space but the styling could have been so much
better and by adding colour this room would have had a totally different feel.

THE BLOCK TERRACE - Trixie & Johnno

With their limited budget I thought some of Trixie & Johnno’s terrace was very good.
I was disappointed that without a dining room indoors they didn’t capitalise on using the terrace as a
fabulous outdoor dining experience.  The glassed in courtyard was not a good use of space.


Next week is the final week before the auction with all of the exterior work to be completed
& from what I saw last night it looks as if the decision making process as a team will be tough.

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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One of the most important rooms in our homes is the bedroom.

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so why not do it Style.

How is your bedroom decorated?
Is it classic, modern, eclectic, perfectly styled or are you desperate for decorating ideas?

All the rooms in your home can benefit from swapping furniture around.
Why not swap lampshades, cushions or rugs from room to room.
It’s costs nothing yet gives you the feeling of having been shopping – a win win.

So now that you’ve moved things around, you look back and see that just a few
new pieces will take your room to the next level.  It may be the addition of a mirror, bedhead,
some artwork, new bedside tables or wallpaper.
Sometimes it’s one piece that makes all the difference to the look and feel of a room.

My favourite addition to any bedroom is a bedhead.
They are the focal point of the room and balance out the proportion of the bed,
which is a large flat surface taking up most of the space in the room.

These beautiful bedroom images could be just the encouragement you need to rush out and get busy
with a new project.  Don’t forget to send me any images!














All images sourced from Pinterest
There are many more bedroom images to view here

What to wear to bed?

I love soft & snuggly pyjamas and with 30% off at the moment
Jethro & Jackson have a selective range of women’s pyjamas
& free shipping for orders over $50


 For the guys I found these Retro PJ Pants by Sleep ‘N Round at The Iconic


Breakfast In Bed Recipe

After a weekend lie in Clean Pancakes from Fiit Chicks is the perfect start to your day


1 banana
1 cup oats
1 egg
vanilla essence
1 tsp baking powder
Unsweetened almond milk ( amount will depend on your desired thickness)


Blend all ingredients in magic bullet
Melt coconut oil in pan on med heat
Pour mixture to desired size
Wait until golden and flip
Top with your favorite fruit, greek yoghurt, choc coconut butter, cinnamon
Your toppings are endless and once you have these they become addictive

A little music to finish

Here’s the trailer to the new Great Gatsby movie
featuring Florence & The Machine with Bedroom Hymns

I’m off to Melbourne for the weekend to work with a client on their home.
I will miss a warm Sydney weekend but have my new coat to keep me warm.
Looking forward to catching up with my family and celebrating my mother’s 81st Birthday.

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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The Block Room Reveal – Guest Bedroom & Ensuite

The Block Room Reveal
Guest Bedroon & Ensuite

How do they keep doing it?

I’m exhausted just watching the show, let alone all of the demolition, painting for hours on end and
then there’s the shopping and styling (the fun bits!)

For the second week running I agree with the judges and
congratulate Madi & Jarod on their win

Madi & Jarrod57

The citrus yellow was clean, bright and an unexpected change from white.
The grey styling worked well with the yellow.

 Alisa & Lysandra 49

Adore the timber wall and simplicity in the colours of the room.
I particularly liked the recessed bedhead & storage additions.

Bec & George66

The mirrored wardrobe helped to open up a narrow room while the desk
positioned under the window was a good choice.

 Kim & Matt56

Love the headboard and brilliant positioning of the colours
& liked the hexagonal reference in the lighting also.

Trixie & Johnnotrixie and johno

Calming tones and the timber desk was a lovely addition to this room.
The architectural changes such as raised doorways has definitely added
to the luxurious feel of their rooms.
Not shown here but the addition of a linen press was an excellent idea.


I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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The Block Room Reveal – Master Bed & Dressing Room

The Block Room Reveal
Master Bed & Dressing Room

What a night of stunning room reveals!

Here are some of my favourite images from tonight’s show

I totally agree with the judges and loved the winning rooms from

Alisa & Lysandra

Lysandra & Alisa bedroom

The concrete wallpaper was a stand out feature and I particularly
liked how it went along the entire wall and onto the window sill

Lydandra & Alisa dressing room

WOW!!  The bathtub on the raised platform, the view of the city from the bath
and the dressing table were some of the many stunning features in this room

Bec & George

george and bec's dressing room Without a doubt the shoe shelving won me over with this room

Madi & Jarrod

Maddy & Jarrod bedroom

The Chanel image is my pick for what will be the most popular item
in the Block Shop
I also adore the full wall of drapes

Kim & Matt
matt and kim bedroom

The cement rendered walls are stunning,
as are the timber bed and shelf under the television/mirror

Maddy & Jarrod bdressing room

The finish on the mirrors and the stunning timber counter top were fabulous

Trixie & Johnno

Jono and trixie bedroom

The artwork and brightly coloured bed linens were perfection


I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Yellow Yumm

Yellow Yumm

Gold, butter & ripe lemons are all my favourite colour – yellow.

I associate yellow with happiness and other words that come to mind are sunshine, optimism and pleasure.  It reminds me of my childhood, sunshine & my all time favourite dessert lemon tarts.

Decorating with yellow brings all of these elements to any room and it works so well with most colours.

 Yellow can be the base colour of a room or an accent.
A yellow door says welcome and come in, while a yellow chair says take a seat and stay a while.
If you like the idea of adding yellow but painting a wall yellow is too much, then add some cushions, a lamp base or shade, some ready made drapes or even some flowers to a vase.




coll 3


coll 2

When there is a yellow presence in the room, for balance add black and white furniture, creating strong silhouettes in a room already alive with colour.







From Pale Daffodil to Jubilation, Dulux have yellow covered

 I hope this inspires you to add some yellow when you make your next home purchase.


 I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Images are available to view on Pinterest:


Op Shop Decorating and a Quick Before & After

Op Shop Decorating

 While most blogs come naturally, others are hard work.  I spent most nights this week tweeking a blog on decorating with the colour navy.   It will be a post in coming weeks but for now it’s just not feeling right.

Then earlier yesterday when I was trawling through my favourite Op Shop, I thought that would be a good idea for this week’s blog.

So here we go………….

I’m fortunate living in Sydney’s Inner West.  I am within 10 minutes of most of my suppliers, 5 minutes from Ikea and the same distance to my local Salvation Army Opportunity Shop.

Most Saturday’s I’ll head to the Salvo’s store to see what they have in.  Recent purchases have included a timber cabinet, which now houses our rather large television (the boys sport t.v.), a champagne coloured pearl necklace and some of today’s item’s to add to Tom’s room that I wanted to finish off before Easter.

Stephen and I have spent the past three weekends working on finishing (for the time being!) off our house so that we can relax over the Easter break.

 Op shop

My local Salvo’s filled with some fabulous finds


The pearls in the foreground are the ones I bought for $25 and they’re stunning!

A Quick Before & After

Tom’s bedroom is the smallest in the house, so when we first started working on our house 8 years ago we made sure he was the first to have built in wardrobes and I’m always trying to find ways to make it as comfortable as possible.  Over the years he has grown from a small boy to a teenager close in height to his father’s 6 ft.  While Tom is perfectly happy with the way his room looks, I would prefer the clothing to be in drawers or hung up as opposed to on the floor at the foot of the bed!

I spent an hour at Ikea, then a few hours at home, tweeking his room and it has now gone from, well you have a look below.

Here’s the before


and here’s the after


chalk paint and ten dollars

The $10 for this chalk paint was a find in the street when I was out earlier scouting for cushions.
I used the chalk paint on a mug and two small bowls, total $5.  I wrote the letter “T” on a mug and then added pens & pencils and some small items to the bowls.  An old metal money box was sprayed and I wrote “$” in chalk.


These orange hooks are a bright addition to the room and so practical


This was a Christmas gift from a few years ago and now instead of being hidden away on a shelf, sits on Tom’s desk & at night casts a rather eerie glow on the room with a flameless tea light

I hope you have a fabulous week

Yours in Style – Kim x

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Images were all taken by me and are available to view on Pinterest:


Black & White Stripes

Black & White Stripes

Add some drama to any room with black & white stripes.  They are timeless, classic & scream Style!
If you’re not overly fond of a lot of colour but are looking for a way to add impact, then why not consider stripes.
Some of these images are custom while others are homewares store purchases for quick & simple decorating.
I love Ikea  for it’s proximity to my house (5 minutes!) & ever evolving stock.  They’re a brilliant source for instant & affordable updates.
Alternatively, you can have a custom piece of furniture made ensuring your requirements are met exactly.

Whichever way you choose to go be sure to mix and match high & low end products giving you a room that looks collected, as opposed to designed & impersonal.

striped drapes

 Instant drama!

striped sofa

 I love this sofa, particularly the gold legs & the siamese cats are the icing on the cake!

striped ottoman

 Neutrals while calming can also been a little bland at times.  By adding the striped ottoman to this room, it adds some punch to a neutral palette.

striped chair

 Simple, yet elegant

striped cushions

 These cushions add instant style to this sofa & tie in perfectly with the rest of the decor

striped bed

 Bedding is such a simple way of changing the look & feel of a bedroom

striped blind

 These roman blinds draw the eye up & really finish off this space

striped shower curtain

 While glass shower screens are far more popular than shower curtains, if you have a shower curtain this bold stripe is a stylish addition to any bathroom.

Yours in Style – Kim x

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